Fraternal Greetings to all.  We have recently  come back from a sucessful conference in Christchurch hosted by Murati OBA No 47.
An enjoyable time was had by all.  It was great to see a good attendance by our newest branch Blenheim No 4 and meet a lot of new and old friends.
Our Harmony Day was a great success with a lot of skit and song from the branches.  Our branch came 4th overall, a great effort considering we only had 5 members at conference and did not have any items planned.  
All the Miss OBA contestants (men dressed as women) recieved  a prize and a lot of laughs all round as our beautifully made up "girls" paraded on the Catwalk.  
Some of our lovely Miss OBA's
Membership is open and if anyone is interested in joining our organisation or wants to know more please feel free to E-mail me.  
We especally welcome any Brothers and Sisters
of the R.A.O.B and L.E.O.B and partners  to our meetings.
If you are visiting or planning a  visit to our area drop me a line.  We can also put you in touch with local lodges
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