The Overseas Buffaloes Association of New Zealand (hereinafter called the OBA of NZ) is composed of members of the Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes and their Associates, operating independently, seeking to further the Fundamental Principles of Buffaloism throughout the world; providing a link betwen members overseas and those in their Home Country; to meet and welcome visiting members; to introduce visiting members to local Lodges.  To establish contact with, and assist members and their families in circumstances of rehabilitation; travel; visitation of the sick, and generally afford such assistance and encouragment wherever possible.  To organise such functions as shall promote the well being of the OBA and the RAOB in general and the doing of all such lawful things as are conducive to the atmosphere which binds all Buffs together.
Minimum age 18 years
Visitors who have attended at least 3 consecutive meetings
Expelled or suspended members of the RAOB shall not be premitted to  join as new members
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